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Raymond Chandler

Raymond is not only an avid board game player, but a veritable connoisseur of board games. He has been a member of the Columbus Area Board Gaming Society for 3 years. Raymond has been part of the CABS Design Group for half that time. He is close to publishing his first board game, Red Tape. Raymond estimates his personal game collection to be around 150 games. Raymond graduated from Full Sail University, where he gained extensive experience in designing games.

Jeff Horger

Jeff has been playing board games since 1976. Often playing three times a week, Jeff played over a thousand different games. As well as playing games Jeff has also been designing them for the past 10 years, one of which, Manouvre, has been published. Jeff was recently elected to the CABS Executive Board for 2013.

Jeff Kayati

Jeff puts his extensive board game knowledge to good use running the CABS School, a program that attempts to teach members new games. He also regularly playtests games for several board game publishers.

Corey Sanders

Corey is the system administrator for CABS as well as an avid game player. During the day he is a software developer at IBM.

Jessica Ramey

Jessica is the Librarian of the CABS game library and a member of the Executive Board. She oversees well over 1000 board games in the library and manages the happiness of over 400 members. Jessica also has an extensive personal collection.

In The Works (alphabetic)

  • Greg Parsons - Game Designer & Publisher
  • Jim Harmon - Game Designer
  • Meg Boggus - Board Member of CABS
  • Nathan Morse - President of CABS